Pocket Heat Pack (charcoal)
Pocket Heat Pack (charcoal)
Pocket Heat Pack (charcoal)
Pocket Heat Pack (charcoal)
Pocket Heat Pack (charcoal)
Pocket Heat Pack (charcoal)

Pocket Heat Pack (charcoal)

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Coming as a pair in a variety of colours to choose from, the pocket heat pack is designed to keep your hands warm in the winter months, perfect for chilli morning walks, playing a game of golf, yard duty, warehouse workers, watching the kids sports and people suffering from medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis

All our pocket heat packs come with a cotton fabric washable cover like a pillow slip, which can be conveniently placed in the washing machine in the event it gets dirty or needs a refresh.

They also make great little gift just to say you are thinking of them.

  • 30 seconds in microwave (pair)
  • contains wheat (unscented)
  • washable cover
  • re-useable
  • 120g (pair)
  • 9 x 9 x 2cm
  • ages 3+
  • Australia made

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    To be used by a responsible adult.

    1. Place heat pack on plate with half a cup of water (125ml) for humidity purposes (prevents grain from drying out) on turntable in microwave.
    2. Set time for 30 seconds (pair) or 15 seconds per one.
    3. Carefully remove hot water from microwave.
    4. Test heat pack on forearm for desired temperature. For additional heat, repeat step 2 for half the time. Warning: do not over heat heat pack.
    5. Gently shake heat pack to distribute heat evenly.
    6. Apply heat pack on desired part of the body.


    Heat pack should be completely cool before reheating. If further heating is required, reduce the heating time to half. Over heating may result in a burning smell being detected and can reduce the life of the heat pack . If over heating occurs, use appropriate utensils or oven mitts and place heat pack immediately on a non-combustible surface e.g. kitchen sink.

    • not suitable for children under 3 years of age.
    • store heat pack  in cool dry place.
    • ensure heat pack is not wet before heating.
    • heat heat pack once a month for maintenance.
    • handle heat pack with care to avoid seams from splitting.
    • heat pack are designed to warm a person and not a bed.